About Us

Have you ever wondered and tried to get safe, healthy and fresh milk that tastes like one! Even we had wondered it, sometime back! We can say now, the answer is yes!

In the year 2014, we, group of like-minded professionals who are passionate about dairy farming, basically from agricultural background, were set on a mission. The mission was to make available one of the rarest thing in Bangalore, fresh, natural, healthy and pure milk. The result is ‘Sahaja – the natural freshmilk’.

Our farm is located on the outskirts of Bangalore, in a rural atmosphere, which is most suitable for running and maintaining a dairy farm. We have welcomed to our farm the prized breed of Holstein, Jersey and Indian (DESI COWS) cows.

Our objective is to protect cows and keep them secure and happy and also to treat them with love and utmost care. Our aim is to provide quality products to our esteemed customers at a reasonable price without compromising on quality of product and service.

As a matter of principle, we don’t try to push the accepted boundaries to get more from our land or cows. We use our knowledge and expertise in the field of farming and animal husbandry to create a sustainable business that’s built to last, and to produce fresh, natural organic quality milk.


Farming and Cattle Rearing Process:

The milk output and its quality could be improved if dairy animals are adequately fed. The productivity of an animal depends largely upon the feed and care given to it. Keeping this in mind, and in order to take utmost care of health and hygiene of our cows, they are grazed in a free-range open field near our dairy farm with a natural, grass-based organic diet (like dry grass, napier grass CO3, di-cotton like velvet beans, maize), and not pushed beyond their natural limits. The cows spend most of their time in roaming, chewing and drowsing outdoors.

Once they are back in the farm, they are provided with dry grass. For silage preparation and feeding we use ingredients which are rich in proteins and highly digestible fibre like dicot, subabul (White leadtree / Jumbay), Flax Seeds (Agase), alfalfa (Kudure soppu) etc., which will not only provide a wholesome food but also a healthy diet to the cattles.

Feeds as mentioned above provide the nutrients required for animal production, including energy, proteins and amino acids (macro-nutrients), and minerals, vitamins and other micro-nutrients. In addition to this food, concentrates provide supplements which are high in energy, referred to as energy concentrates, such as cereals and milling by-products, or high in protein, like groundnut cake, wheat bran etc., We provide these supplements to the minimum in order the maintain the body of the cow the these foods are never the main source of food.

If any of our cows are suffering from any illness, their welfare and wellbeing is our top priority, and even though we aim to stay away from antibiotics, we shall use them when it is absolutely necessary for life saving purposes. If we do treat a cow with an antibiotic, she is milked separately and we test her milk to ensure all traces of the medicine have gone before we bring her back into the herd. Organic regulations require us to keep the cow’s milk out of the supply chain two or three times longer than non-organic rules, to guarantee the milk is free of antibiotics.

There’s a subtle change to the flavour of organic milk over the season of the year, which follows the cycle when cows eat fresh grass outdoors in the summer and conserved grass in the winter. As a delicate ecosystem that is full of life, an organic farm aims to work in harmony with nature, rather than against it. Not only do we select and breed cows and crops that are right for the type of land we have, we also ensure we work with, and look after, the natural environment on the farm.By doing things the organic way, we know our milk production system is free from artificial chemical fertilizers. Our cows graze land that has not been sprayed with artificial pesticides.

When you buy Sahaja – the natural fresh milk, you are guaranteed with:

  • Organic quality natural, pure and fresh milk.
  • Free-range cows with natural grass-based diet.
  • No routine use of antibiotics.
  • No artificial, chemical fertilizers or herbicides are used on our pastures.
  • High standards of animal welfare.
  • Farming that works with nature for maximum biodiversity.
  • The organic milk we produce is full of goodness as a result of the care and attention we take along the way.



While producing our Sahaja milk, we take utmost care right from selecting the feeds to feeding the cattles, to be an organic ingredient. We also make sure that the final product to be an organic quality product. However, few ingredients used as feed to cattles and the final product has not been certified by concerned authorities as Organic product. Hence we would like to reiterate that our product is not a certified organic product but has all the qualities and fulfil the requirements to be an organic product.